The Exchange – Event in Morges, Switzerland

The idea behind THE EXCHANGE project is for members to pair up, trade sketches and rock diverse styles outside of their usual comfort zones. The participants of The Exchange trade names and personal styles through sketches. The sketches are drawn, scanned, and traded via email. They are then printed out and executed by the receiving artist in their particular city. These experiments are then posted online to be applauded and critiqued by members. The Exchange was started in 2005, with six participants from different areas of the United States. The group is currently made up of 35 members from 14 countries worldwide. On The Run published nice a book about this interesting project, be sure to check it out!

Among the members of The Exchange are Serval from Geneva, Poet from Berlin, Bates from Copenhagen and Rime from Los Angeles, and they are visiting Switzerland from the 3th to the 5th of September. They areĀ  going to do a “live exchange” in Morges, at the lakeside of Lake Geneva, at the “Livre sur les quais” event.

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